Using Personal Development And Growth For Positive Being

With all the stuff written and talked about personal development these days, you can start to ask yourself if there really is anything more to learn from this area.

From my point of view, I can assure there is still a lot to learn, we are just in the beginning. We might think that most of what is to be found in the world is already explored, but the fact is we have just started to explore the inner world of humans. If you are looking for more information about personality development you may lead here

Using Personal Development And Growth For Positive Being

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 Since there are new humans born every day there is always more to explore. It will never end as long as there are humans on this planet.

One thing there has so far been very little talked and written about is Positive Being. Positive thinking is a very common expression these days, but positive being takes this concept one step further. It is a positive wholeness.

We, humans, are three-dimensional creatures, consisting of body, mind, and soul.

 It is important that we have positive thinking, but that is not enough. We need to be positive in all three dimensions, both think and feel positive. That will make us treat also our body in a positive way. If there is a disturbance in any of the three dimensions it will affect the other two too.

How can we then reach a state of positive being? There are several ways we can do this. Two of the most important things we can do, and need to do to get into a state of positive being is to develop and grow.

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