The Ultimate Summer Nail Polish Color Guide

Weather is turning hot and dry depending upon your location. There are a million ways to beat the summer heat such as carrying an umbrella, sipping on coconut water and wearing lots of sunscreens.

You can add these summer colors to your wardrobe to feel all summery and breezy. You can also visit for nail polish gift sets.

However, if you are not a fan of colorful clothes, then wearing them or painting your nail with these summery nail polish sets will surely perk up your day.

Metallic Paints- When subtle is not on your character, then select for metallic colors like sparkling gold nails, gold-leaf transparency, blossom strategies, and stripes.

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Baked Nude or Nude Paints- If you are a lover of nude flashes that looks well-maintained and glistening then you will be a fan of the style. Quite a few brands have a huge range of nude nail polish online which you may check out. You could even find matte end ranges.

Pastel Shades- The quintessential color pallet for summers that screams summery and seems soothing to the eyes. There are a variety of colors of pink, yellows, and blues which fall under this color scheme.

Summers can be a fairly daunting season to manage, especially by people that are makeup fans. During summers not only does the warmth strip you of energy but your cosmetics – with so much perspiration, all of your makeup fades at the end of the day and you seem like you have just come out of a storm.

The single makeup products that cause one no fuss and doesn't endanger you of fading away after every few minutes is nail polish.