Places to See in Madrid With Social Activities

Madrid is one of the biggest cities in Spain. It's thus the center of all of the cultural and political activities of Spain in addition to the residency of the monarchy. Located on the river Manzanares Madrid can also be one of the populous cities of the European Union.

Madrid has a history that is well maintained within its bounds even as it has moved forward and developed to be among the most examples of a town with hi-tech infrastructural facilities and feverish industrial pursuits.

There are several areas of interest that may be viewed and appreciated while sightseeing as part of the rich heritage of Spain. if you like Spanish fashion and traditional stuff then you can browse for best luxury shopping in Madrid.

The following are just a few names of the wonderful architecture that you will notice in Madrid.

    Royal Palace of Madrid

    Prado Museum

    National Library

    Teatro Real ( Royal Theater)

Spain is a country that provides an eclectic blend of the new and the old. There are several activities and social events that you would love to be a part of are given here.

    Bullfighting – The year starts from March and culminates in October.

    Football – House to the Real Madrid club.

    Flamenco – If you are in Madrid flamenco dance shows is 1 thing you mustn't miss for anything. You may, however, assess their timings using a calendar year.