Disruptive Behavior Issues in Healthcare

Many physicians didn't have any policies, guidelines or procedures to aid them when confronted with all the unprofessional behavior of a specific doctor — particularly when such behavior wasn't directly associated with quality of care.

Together with the intent of getting physicians actively and appropriately deal with the dilemma of unprofessional doctor behavior; the Joint Commission now needs licensed healthcare organizations to establish procedures and policies to deal with disruptive physician behavior at work.

They need to offer both staff and hospitals doctors with a just and reasonable mechanism to appropriately rectify possible behavioral issues. If you are searching for more issues about disruptive behavior in healthcare then you can redirect here http://www.thedisruptivephysician.com.

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From the pronouncements, it's apparent that the Joint Commission considers that a state policy to deal with disruptive behavior by doctors is necessary; differently, the hospital is implicitly promoting "disruptive behavior".

The policy must also set forth procedures for reporting complaints/incidents regarding alleged tumultuous behavior involving the documentation of these matters as well as the entry of these reports.

If the doctor fails to fix the behavior and the other substantiated complaint/incident happens, the doctor ought to be offered the chance to voluntarily take part in an application designed to rectify the tumultuous behavior.

This may take the kind of an anger management program or visit a counselor like a social worker, psychologist or psychologist designated by the hospital to evaluate, evaluate and try to fix the tumultuous behavior.

If the doctor fails to do this voluntarily, the Chief of Staff must then decide whether the intensity of the topic behavior warrants a compulsory mental health test.